Pricing and Payment

No credit card required for the first staff request, after that a subscription will be needed.

Monthly ACCESS$49

Get access to our list for a month. Perfect for Individuals who like to Do-It-Themselves. Simply browse their profiles and reach out to people you are interested in. Great for individuals who currently can't afford the overhead of a talent agency, or using craigslist, but are looking for extra help.

Preferred $99/mo

Get monthly access to our list along with customized short list. For Small Businesses, Marketing Coordinators, Brand Experience Managers, or Event Managers. If you don't have time to browse through the profiles, we will pick send you a shortlist of individuals who match your criteria.. Excellent if your company has 10+ events a year.

enterprise $499/mo

Let us act as your field marketing manager and organize your promotional events for you. Whether that's organizing in-store demos, getting your brand at large events, or running experiential marketing campaigns, consider us your field marketing division. Ideal for companies that are looking to run marketing campaigns but don't have the personnel.