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What are Minyawns?

Minyawn (ˈmin-yôn) noun: A minion so good you can sit back and yawn.

Minyawns is the name of our company, but it's also what we call our loyal event staff. Minyawns do what it takes to help your event run smoothly. Easily identifiable by their friendly demeanor and unstoppable energy, Minyawns are tenacious workers who enjoy helping others.

The Minyawns Difference

We're picky about our staff. Each Minyawn has to embody our values and show the initiative to represent a wide range of brands. We look for genuine, enthusiastic, educated workers who will take ownership of their role in your next event. If your company has specific needs, we'll hand select someone from our diverse talent pool or recruit on your behalf for no extra charge.

Our database is growing daily as we build networks in major cities across the country. We conduct in-person and video interviews to ensure a great fit, then provide education to elicit their best performance.

You can rest assured that our Minyawns will be excited to work your event. With great wages, diverse experiences, and the flexibility to choose events, everyone is empowered to do work that interests them. We know there's no room for tardiness or a bad attitude, which is why we also rely on the honest reviews of our clients.

Our Process

We recruit in major cities across the country for fresh, entrepreneurial talent. Interview in video chat, in-person orientations, provide tips to elicit their best performance

Become a Minyawn

Join the ranks of our Minyawn army. Flexibility, great pay, local opportunities. Have fun at work.