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There's no substitute for talking to a real person, trying a product yourself, or being physically immersed in a brand. So, it shouldn't be surprising that event marketing continually tops the charts as the most effective way to reach new customers. Unfortunately, events are also among the most expensive and resource-hogging marketing activities, putting them out of reach for many of the small to midsize businesses that need the exposure most.

When Billy Sheng first conceived Minyawns in 2012, his vision was to help young professionals gain experience through flexible gigs. He quickly realized that the service answered an unheard call by event marketers and small businesses for affordable promotional staff. Since then, the company has evolved into Minyawns Event Staffing, placing pre-vetted talent at events across the country.

But staffing is just the beginning: We want to be a partner in your growth. That's why every request is met with a thoughtful discovery call about your needs and goals, and why we ask for your feedback after every event. We demand the best from our staff so that we can continue to help your business achieve great things.

At Minyawns Event Staffing, we believe in the power of a mobile workforce. Whether you need help passing out fliers near the office, or you're staffing an exhibit on the opposite cost, we can find the help you need without breaking your budget. When you put your trust in our capable Minyawn army, you'll free yourself up to conquer any challenge.


TrustEach Minyawn goes through an in-person or video chat interview to make sure they meet our high standards
ConvenienceEvents can be unpredictable. We're here to help — with staff or helpful advice — whenever you need it.
TransparencyWe offer straightforward pricing and hands-on assistance so you know what to expect every time.