General FAQ

What is a Minyawns?
Minyawns is the name of our company, but it's also what we call our members in our program. They are friendly and personable individuals who are happy to represent your company and make sure your event is a success. Each Minyawn is  pre-vetted for the right personality, attitude and interests to help your brand make great impressions. 
How does your pricing work?
You set the payrate and we find you individuals who are best suited at that price. The Price ranges from $13- $35/hr with $20/hr being the most popular. Since we don't take a % cut, each dollar you spend goes straight to your helper. Our subscription plans are a flat fee starting at $49/Month. 

Business FAQs

Where do Minyawns come from?
We're constantly building new connections across the country. Through these networks, we recruit college students and young professionals from diverse backgrounds. We're always looking for educated, eager, energetic people who want to gain valuable professional experience with your company. We pull from facebook groups, clubs and organizations, part time workers in the service industry, and even on craigslist.
What kind of work can Minyawns do?
Check out our Services page to see our most popular requests. Our Minyawns can take on anything from setup and teardown to product demonstrations. If you're interested in a service that isn't included on the list, please [contact us (link to Contact Us)] to discuss your needs. 
Do I need to fill out any tax forms?
Nope! We will handle the payroll and taxes for event staff. It's just one more thing we take off your plate for you.
What if I need Minyawns for more than one day?
Simply include it in your details when submitting the form. We understand that most conferences are longer than just one day so we are happy to help you get helpers for all those days you are attending or hosting an event.
What happens after I request event staff?
After you send your request, we will follow up with you to confirm the details and ask a few questions about your event. Based on that information, we will create a job posting for our staff marketplace. Once your request has been fulfilled, we will send you a list of profiles for individuals who want to work the job. they will receive all the details about your event, including any information we have about required dress and knowledge. It is then simply picking up the phone or firing an email and introducing yourself and letting them know which have been hired. In short: you send the request, we'll handle the rest. 
How do I pay?
When you receive the details for your potential helpers, you will also see what form of payment they prefer. Feel free to pay them using any of their preferred method. Often Paypal, cash, and checks are always welcome.
When do I pay?
You will pay your helper at the end of the event. 
What is included in my subscription plan?
This price includes recruiting and vetting the best candidates for your job. We also compile their information into a readable format with all the pertinent information to give you all the information you need to make a part time hiring decision. The subscription fee also includes the administrative costs associated with providing this service.
What if I am interested in hiring a Minyawn for a repeat job?
We're confident you'll love your staff enough to hire them again. Feel free to reach out to the directly, part of the reason people love our service is because they get to grow their own database of helpers from the people they work with.