Street Team Promotions with Biking Billboards

[We] turned to Minyawns when we needed extra staff, and we were delighted with the employees that were provided. They were upbeat, hard workers, and great to communicate with. I have since gone back to them several times.
— David at Biking Billboards

Have you ever seen a billboard driving home from work and decided to act on it? Me neither. I guess they are a bit outdated like 1990’s outdated. Biking Billboard on the other hand! It’s all the rage.  

We have worked with David at Biking Billboards. They are a Seattle based company that does guerilla marketing. They are quite unique in that they will bike around with billboards hitched to the back of their bike but also deliver the message in person. Their clients range from public utilities to private enterprise, and it’s the in person messaging that converts leads and gets results.

We had the lucky opportunity to send our Minyawns to help out Biking Billboards team when they needed a few extra people! Whether that was around the sports stadiums talking to friendly fans about the new Puget Sound Energy policies, or promoting one of their clients at Renton mall, we loved the fact that Biking billboards trusted us with both their company and their clients trust. We knew for this type of job, it wasn’t just a reliable person they needed. It was someone with a great smile, someone who has no fear approaching strangers, and someone who would be able to deliver the message. We felt we had the perfect Minyawns in our program, and could do everything they requested. 

Here’s what they said about our helpers.

[Alexis] is awesome. She is fearless in approaching strangers but has wonderful charisma that everyone who she talks to enjoys listening to what she has to say. We have used her many times.

[Jackie] is simple affable. He has a great attitude and a can do mindset. He is a great additional to any team.

So if you are trying to key a new marketing message across, give the team at Biking Billboards a visit!