Registration at the Convention Center

As simple as registration might sound, sometimes problems occur and you’re left wondering what happened. 

When the tickets for a particular event are expensive, people expect great customer service and also don’t want to wait in line waiting to get checked in. That’s why we have worked with big companies such as Nasco and Mergeo Events. We’ve helped them get the reliable friendly helpers they need to work a successful event. For one client it was all about professionalism and getting everyone into the system. Our minyawns understand technology and also are tech savvy with the most modern of devices. For outdoor events, we are able to sustain a happy and excited vibe and ensure people are getting into the event to catch their favorite show.

Using technology, having a firm yet friendly tone, and being able to work out problems is something we pride ourselves in. With conventions that host five thousand plus people, speed is important, but so is accuracy. We were able to help the American Planning Group as well as outdoor events check people in, give them the right information and pamphlets they needed and guide them to their next station.

Here is what they said about us: 

Major kudos to the Minyawns folks working the registration desk on Saturday morning, they were swamped with upset conference attendees (there was a mishap with nametag printing). They were awesome behind the desk, keeping calm and were compassionate even under stress.
[Nicole] has a great outgoing personality!  She would be good with any job with people interaction.

Check out our friends at Nasco and Mergeo Events