Product Demonstrations with Phasespace and Novator

The event went very well, and the helpers were great. This would be a good service to use when we go to trade shows at different locations.
— Kan at Phasespace

When you are flying into a foreign city it’s hard to be on your A-game. On top of preparing your pitch and getting ready to show off your product you’ve got to figure out hotels, transportation, and food in an unfamiliar city. 

For many hardware and technology companies, going to conventions and trade shows are essential part of their business and we wanted to make it easier. Phasespace (Portland) and Novator (Sweden) are some of the leaders in their respective industries. Phasespace in 3D motion capturing and Novator in Orbital drilling. Both these companies travels around to many cities and performs demos of their product. Because the nature of their business is focused on enterprise sales, every lead could lead to a giant opportunity.  However it was costly for them to keep flying their entire team out to every location paying for lodging, plane tickets, and weekend overtime. 

We knew for both these companies we had to send them someone with an engineering background who could use engineer buzzwords. Someone who was not only bright but also sociable and demo their product if they were left alone. We sent our best, having them read over the company material before arriving. By spending an early morning of explanation and training, our Minyawns were fully integrated on the team. We were able to source some engineering degree recent college grads to help them out at their events. Both clients was quite impressed with the intelligent college engineering educated people we were able to send them. Since their first event in Seattle we have gone to provide them with Minyawns at their future events. 

Here is what they said about our Minyawns

The event went well, and Jessica did a great job.
Chloe is great! We enjoyed having her be a part of our team. 

Check out our friends at Novator and Phasespace!