Brand Ambassadors with Campus Solutions

Amazing! Thanks for updating me so quickly. You’re officially our number one contact in Seattle. If you are able to conduct events in any other cities please let me know. Very pleased with the results so far.
— John at Campus Solutions

We love doing things on college campuses. As former college students ourselves, we knew the challenges of getting students behind a wonderful brand. Campus solutions trusted us with their clients to interact with college students and get them to help promote a new segment of business that was going to be launched. 

Campus solutions experiential marketing team hired Minyawns to promote two separate projects. One was to promote a documentary, and the other was to promote Clinique the cosmetic company. We had a lot of fun doing both. Making sure that we had the proper out-going and friendly individuals were important for both jobs. But what was also important was selecting Minyawns who were connected with the school as well. Students were a lot more receptive to the branding message when they knew of the Minyawns connection with them. Whether it was the same student organizations in the past, or even the same major, a shared connection lowered barriers.  

By tapping in to our local Minyawns directory, we found Sorority leaders and organized a fantastic event for them. Snapping over 50 pictures and 30+ Instagram posts with their particular hashtag. We promoted both a fantastic film showing and filled the room, as well as successfully distribute product for Clinque. At the end of both events, students were grateful for being able to participate in both these opportunities. 

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