Setup and Teardown with Seattle Design Center

I don’t know what I ever did without Billy and the Minyawns!!
I currently use the Minyawns on a regular basis for all of my event needs. The crew is so easy to work with. Professional, helpful and available. No job is too big or small, too early or late! They are always on time and get the job done as promised. The Minyawns make my job so much less stressful.
The Seattle Design Center is so happy to partner with the Minyawns and have them as our top preferred vendor.
— Jenifer, Seattle Art Design

Preparing for the perfect event is not always mentally exhausting, it’s physically exhausting too. When you’re done figuring out who gets to sit next to “fun” Uncle Bill; the actual set up then begins. If you’re like Jenifer, you might have to do it every weekend. So we wanted to alleviate some stress and see what we could do. 

We started working with Jenifer at Seattle Design Center in 2015. She was the event planner/manager for their 8,700 sq ft incredible space. Every weekend clients would approach her with utilizing the space for something different. Sometimes it was simple weddings, other times corporate dinners, and maybe even a few high school proms and trade shows thrown in. Ever since the remodel, Seattle Design Center has been an elegant establishment that hosts events ranging from 50 guests to 500. 

Knowing that picking the right venue is just half of the equation, we wanted to insure that the event itself went as smoothly as planned. We worked directly with the Jenifer to make sure that tables/chairs/sofas/rugs/plants were all situation where they needed to be. If an attendee needed help unloading and moving, we did that too. We felt like we allowed Jenifer to sit back and plan the rest of the event, without having to move every single piece of furniture in place. We have helped Seattle Art Design host over 15+ events and we’d like to think prevented a sprained ankle :)

Head on over to our friends at Seattle Design Center and check out their space!