Greeters and Directional Staff with Pro-Motion Events

Producing 20+ annual events is stressful but Minyawns have frequently come to my aid. Minyawns have always been quick to respond - a relief for last minute requests.
— Aimee at Promotion Events

If you have ever attended a marathon or a 5/10k race you might be pleasantly surprised on how much work was put in weeks ahead of the event. 

Pro-motion events is one of the largest race organizers in the Pacific Northwest organizing events such as the Husky Dawg Dash, Green Lake Gobble, and other charity racing events. They have been in business since 1998 and are the industry leader in creating the perfect racing experience. Their events are attended by all from casual runners to hardcore athletes; from children simply seeking some frolicking fun to racing veterans attempting to best their latest time.

We were extremely happy that Promotion Events reached out to us for help at their events back in 2014.  We knew that this was their baby and that every single role could make or break a runner’s experience. By entrusting us with their overall experience of their event, we knew we had to uphold their fantastic reputation. Of course we were happy to comply. We helped them cheer on runners, direct traffic at critical junctures, and even worked at aid stations in case of emergencies (thankfully no emergencies on our watch yet!) By providing over 20+ people at multiple events we made sure safety and hydration were felt by all.

We know that events take a lot of work and we want to help you be at ease. Whether it might be a last minute volunteer group dropping out or a sickness leaving some of your most reliable helpers bed ridden, know that we can step in and get the job done!  Have assurance that when you hire Minyawns, you can trust us to be there: Ready. Set. Go.

Head on over to Promotion Events and check out their latest race!