Food and Beverage Sampling with Daiya

We have found the Minyawns to be repeatedly energetic, approachable and professional.
— Vanessa at Daiya Foods

Your team makes what? I asked incredulously. “Non-dairy cheese” just didn’t make sense to me. How is that even possible? But Daiya foods was exactly that, a unique food company that produced vegan non-dairy cheese for their tens of thousands of loyal customers. 

We’ve been lucky to have Daiya as one of our clients since 2014. They are a Vancouver-Canada based company that makes some of the best tasting cheese I have ever had! After checking out their large following on Facebook and their presence on social media, we realized that taste sampling and a brand experience go hand in hand. We wanted to provide them with Minyawns that would uphold their brand and sustain their reputation of fantastic taste. 
We were thrilled when they had first asked us for help at an upcoming local food festival aimed towards vegetarians and vegans. Needless to say the event was quite success and the quesadillas, our Minyawns helped them cook, were simply delicious. We were able to send them helpers to bigger and bigger events, knowing that they could trust our Minyawns with their brand and their message. We’ve helped them at the Bite of Seattle, Portland Vegfest, and Denver’s Food blogger conference. 

Here is what they said about our helpers:

[Jonathan] was very friendly and eager to help in any way possible. He worked hard and stayed energetic throughout the event. He is from the Portland area and offered to help in many ways and even helped us by driving the three of us and the shipments to the hotel. I think we all agree that he may be one of the best helpers we've had the pleasure of working with!
[Diva] was always early and stayed right to the end. Great with consumers, really easy to work with. Great attention to detail. She is highly recommended by my coworkers!

Check out our friends at Daiya for their delicious products.