Registration at the Convention Center

As simple as registration might sound, sometimes problems occur and you’re left wondering what happened. 

When the tickets for a particular event are expensive, people expect great customer service and also don’t want to wait in line waiting to get checked in. That’s why we have worked with big companies such as Nasco and Mergeo Events. We’ve helped them get the reliable friendly helpers they need to work a successful event. For one client it was all about professionalism and getting everyone into the system. Our minyawns understand technology and also are tech savvy with the most modern of devices. For outdoor events, we are able to sustain a happy and excited vibe and ensure people are getting into the event to catch their favorite show.

Using technology, having a firm yet friendly tone, and being able to work out problems is something we pride ourselves in. With conventions that host five thousand plus people, speed is important, but so is accuracy. We were able to help the American Planning Group as well as outdoor events check people in, give them the right information and pamphlets they needed and guide them to their next station.

Here is what they said about us: 

Major kudos to the Minyawns folks working the registration desk on Saturday morning, they were swamped with upset conference attendees (there was a mishap with nametag printing). They were awesome behind the desk, keeping calm and were compassionate even under stress.
[Nicole] has a great outgoing personality!  She would be good with any job with people interaction.

Check out our friends at Nasco and Mergeo Events

Street Team Promotions with Biking Billboards

[We] turned to Minyawns when we needed extra staff, and we were delighted with the employees that were provided. They were upbeat, hard workers, and great to communicate with. I have since gone back to them several times.
— David at Biking Billboards

Have you ever seen a billboard driving home from work and decided to act on it? Me neither. I guess they are a bit outdated like 1990’s outdated. Biking Billboard on the other hand! It’s all the rage.  

We have worked with David at Biking Billboards. They are a Seattle based company that does guerilla marketing. They are quite unique in that they will bike around with billboards hitched to the back of their bike but also deliver the message in person. Their clients range from public utilities to private enterprise, and it’s the in person messaging that converts leads and gets results.

We had the lucky opportunity to send our Minyawns to help out Biking Billboards team when they needed a few extra people! Whether that was around the sports stadiums talking to friendly fans about the new Puget Sound Energy policies, or promoting one of their clients at Renton mall, we loved the fact that Biking billboards trusted us with both their company and their clients trust. We knew for this type of job, it wasn’t just a reliable person they needed. It was someone with a great smile, someone who has no fear approaching strangers, and someone who would be able to deliver the message. We felt we had the perfect Minyawns in our program, and could do everything they requested. 

Here’s what they said about our helpers.

[Alexis] is awesome. She is fearless in approaching strangers but has wonderful charisma that everyone who she talks to enjoys listening to what she has to say. We have used her many times.

[Jackie] is simple affable. He has a great attitude and a can do mindset. He is a great additional to any team.

So if you are trying to key a new marketing message across, give the team at Biking Billboards a visit!

Brand Ambassadors with Campus Solutions

Amazing! Thanks for updating me so quickly. You’re officially our number one contact in Seattle. If you are able to conduct events in any other cities please let me know. Very pleased with the results so far.
— John at Campus Solutions

We love doing things on college campuses. As former college students ourselves, we knew the challenges of getting students behind a wonderful brand. Campus solutions trusted us with their clients to interact with college students and get them to help promote a new segment of business that was going to be launched. 

Campus solutions experiential marketing team hired Minyawns to promote two separate projects. One was to promote a documentary, and the other was to promote Clinique the cosmetic company. We had a lot of fun doing both. Making sure that we had the proper out-going and friendly individuals were important for both jobs. But what was also important was selecting Minyawns who were connected with the school as well. Students were a lot more receptive to the branding message when they knew of the Minyawns connection with them. Whether it was the same student organizations in the past, or even the same major, a shared connection lowered barriers.  

By tapping in to our local Minyawns directory, we found Sorority leaders and organized a fantastic event for them. Snapping over 50 pictures and 30+ Instagram posts with their particular hashtag. We promoted both a fantastic film showing and filled the room, as well as successfully distribute product for Clinque. At the end of both events, students were grateful for being able to participate in both these opportunities. 

Check out our friends at Campus Solutions!

Product Demonstrations with Phasespace and Novator

The event went very well, and the helpers were great. This would be a good service to use when we go to trade shows at different locations.
— Kan at Phasespace

When you are flying into a foreign city it’s hard to be on your A-game. On top of preparing your pitch and getting ready to show off your product you’ve got to figure out hotels, transportation, and food in an unfamiliar city. 

For many hardware and technology companies, going to conventions and trade shows are essential part of their business and we wanted to make it easier. Phasespace (Portland) and Novator (Sweden) are some of the leaders in their respective industries. Phasespace in 3D motion capturing and Novator in Orbital drilling. Both these companies travels around to many cities and performs demos of their product. Because the nature of their business is focused on enterprise sales, every lead could lead to a giant opportunity.  However it was costly for them to keep flying their entire team out to every location paying for lodging, plane tickets, and weekend overtime. 

We knew for both these companies we had to send them someone with an engineering background who could use engineer buzzwords. Someone who was not only bright but also sociable and demo their product if they were left alone. We sent our best, having them read over the company material before arriving. By spending an early morning of explanation and training, our Minyawns were fully integrated on the team. We were able to source some engineering degree recent college grads to help them out at their events. Both clients was quite impressed with the intelligent college engineering educated people we were able to send them. Since their first event in Seattle we have gone to provide them with Minyawns at their future events. 

Here is what they said about our Minyawns

The event went well, and Jessica did a great job.
Chloe is great! We enjoyed having her be a part of our team. 

Check out our friends at Novator and Phasespace!

Setup and Teardown with Seattle Design Center

I don’t know what I ever did without Billy and the Minyawns!!
I currently use the Minyawns on a regular basis for all of my event needs. The crew is so easy to work with. Professional, helpful and available. No job is too big or small, too early or late! They are always on time and get the job done as promised. The Minyawns make my job so much less stressful.
The Seattle Design Center is so happy to partner with the Minyawns and have them as our top preferred vendor.
— Jenifer, Seattle Art Design

Preparing for the perfect event is not always mentally exhausting, it’s physically exhausting too. When you’re done figuring out who gets to sit next to “fun” Uncle Bill; the actual set up then begins. If you’re like Jenifer, you might have to do it every weekend. So we wanted to alleviate some stress and see what we could do. 

We started working with Jenifer at Seattle Design Center in 2015. She was the event planner/manager for their 8,700 sq ft incredible space. Every weekend clients would approach her with utilizing the space for something different. Sometimes it was simple weddings, other times corporate dinners, and maybe even a few high school proms and trade shows thrown in. Ever since the remodel, Seattle Design Center has been an elegant establishment that hosts events ranging from 50 guests to 500. 

Knowing that picking the right venue is just half of the equation, we wanted to insure that the event itself went as smoothly as planned. We worked directly with the Jenifer to make sure that tables/chairs/sofas/rugs/plants were all situation where they needed to be. If an attendee needed help unloading and moving, we did that too. We felt like we allowed Jenifer to sit back and plan the rest of the event, without having to move every single piece of furniture in place. We have helped Seattle Art Design host over 15+ events and we’d like to think prevented a sprained ankle :)

Head on over to our friends at Seattle Design Center and check out their space!

Greeters and Directional Staff with Pro-Motion Events

Producing 20+ annual events is stressful but Minyawns have frequently come to my aid. Minyawns have always been quick to respond - a relief for last minute requests.
— Aimee at Promotion Events

If you have ever attended a marathon or a 5/10k race you might be pleasantly surprised on how much work was put in weeks ahead of the event. 

Pro-motion events is one of the largest race organizers in the Pacific Northwest organizing events such as the Husky Dawg Dash, Green Lake Gobble, and other charity racing events. They have been in business since 1998 and are the industry leader in creating the perfect racing experience. Their events are attended by all from casual runners to hardcore athletes; from children simply seeking some frolicking fun to racing veterans attempting to best their latest time.

We were extremely happy that Promotion Events reached out to us for help at their events back in 2014.  We knew that this was their baby and that every single role could make or break a runner’s experience. By entrusting us with their overall experience of their event, we knew we had to uphold their fantastic reputation. Of course we were happy to comply. We helped them cheer on runners, direct traffic at critical junctures, and even worked at aid stations in case of emergencies (thankfully no emergencies on our watch yet!) By providing over 20+ people at multiple events we made sure safety and hydration were felt by all.

We know that events take a lot of work and we want to help you be at ease. Whether it might be a last minute volunteer group dropping out or a sickness leaving some of your most reliable helpers bed ridden, know that we can step in and get the job done!  Have assurance that when you hire Minyawns, you can trust us to be there: Ready. Set. Go.

Head on over to Promotion Events and check out their latest race!

Food and Beverage Sampling with Daiya

We have found the Minyawns to be repeatedly energetic, approachable and professional.
— Vanessa at Daiya Foods

Your team makes what? I asked incredulously. “Non-dairy cheese” just didn’t make sense to me. How is that even possible? But Daiya foods was exactly that, a unique food company that produced vegan non-dairy cheese for their tens of thousands of loyal customers. 

We’ve been lucky to have Daiya as one of our clients since 2014. They are a Vancouver-Canada based company that makes some of the best tasting cheese I have ever had! After checking out their large following on Facebook and their presence on social media, we realized that taste sampling and a brand experience go hand in hand. We wanted to provide them with Minyawns that would uphold their brand and sustain their reputation of fantastic taste. 
We were thrilled when they had first asked us for help at an upcoming local food festival aimed towards vegetarians and vegans. Needless to say the event was quite success and the quesadillas, our Minyawns helped them cook, were simply delicious. We were able to send them helpers to bigger and bigger events, knowing that they could trust our Minyawns with their brand and their message. We’ve helped them at the Bite of Seattle, Portland Vegfest, and Denver’s Food blogger conference. 

Here is what they said about our helpers:

[Jonathan] was very friendly and eager to help in any way possible. He worked hard and stayed energetic throughout the event. He is from the Portland area and offered to help in many ways and even helped us by driving the three of us and the shipments to the hotel. I think we all agree that he may be one of the best helpers we've had the pleasure of working with!
[Diva] was always early and stayed right to the end. Great with consumers, really easy to work with. Great attention to detail. She is highly recommended by my coworkers!

Check out our friends at Daiya for their delicious products.