Quick and Easy Guide to Event Set-up and Takedown

Event setup and takedown...sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? But just to make sure you’re extra prepared, we have a few tips about the work involved and how to excel at it.



Setting up an event may involve loading and unloading items, setting up tables and booths, and moving around other items. Some jobs may have a floor-plan; ask for instructions but do the best of your abilities. This job requires an ability to closely follow instructions, attention to detail, and to a certain extent, speed and efficiency—setup time is limited, after all. 



Takedown, as you may have guessed, involves very similar tasks, but with an additional element: cleanup. A good rule of thumb is to leave the venue cleaner than it was prior to the event. 



Plan to dress comfortably and casually, but presentably. While this is not an office job, it’s important that your clothing doesn’t send a bad first impression to your employers. 


Most setup and takedown gigs last from one to three hours. If you finish sooner then expected, ask the event lead what else needs to get done! Most of the time they will let you leave early if everything is done!


Though this job mainly requires following instructions, your supervisor may not always be at hand to walk you through your next step. When you finish up your instructed tasks, take initiative and help out where you can.

And, like any other task in life, a good dose of enthusiasm goes a long way. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun! (Plus, you’ll score major points with your employer. Win-win.)