Quick and Easy Guide for Race Helpers

Every race needs personnel to help set up, clean up, and direct runners along the route. And that’s where you, Race Helper, come in. Not sure what to expect? Fear not! This quick guide has you covered—you’ll be on your way to ace that race gig in no time. 

Job Duties

As a race helper, your job may involve any of the following:

  • set up/clean up
  • aid station help (handing out food, beverages, and providing first aid supplies as needed)
  • directing runners along the race route
  • cheering on runners
  • redirecting vehicle traffic
  • answering questions from runners and community members


The job typically lasts two to five hours, depending on the length and location of the race. There may not always be extensive instruction, and you might need to think quick on your feet in some situations. But as long as you’re alert, willing to take initiative, and unafraid to ask questions, you’ll be a superb race helper.



Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, as the job may involve a lot of standing or walking, sometimes in wooded areas. And, as we know all too well in a place like Seattle, remember to check the weather and dress accordingly! The race goes on, rain or shine.


Last but not least, be sure to bring a positive attitude, eagerness to help, and some motivational energy (especially on those early morning runs) to cheer for runners on their way to the finish line. This way, you’ll leave a glowing impression on your employers as well as the race participants, and everyone has a great time. High fives all around.