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Month to Month Access to a Curated List of the Best Local Brand Ambassadors

We've sorted the best, time for you to decide who to hire!

Minyawns has done the work for you. We've aggregated the top talent in every city, so you can connect directly with trustworthy local brand ambassadors. Get connected to educated, energetic booth helpers to drive results through unforgettable brand experiences.

Make informed, logical, educated hiring decisions.

Minyawns does all the legwork by interviewing Craigslisters, reaching out to staffing agencies, sourcing from local groups and searching on Facebook. By delivering a list of brand ambassadors customized for you, we make it easy to work with good people. Stop fretting about whether someone will show up at the last minute or not and spend time on connecting with clients, meeting with business partners, and focusing on quality leads; let us handle the busy work. Whether you are looking to grow your product through in-store demos, high traffic events, or simply flyering, use us to assemble your best team.

Affordable yet Exceptional

Minyawns offer a middle ground solution of between hiring a talent or event agency and spending hours interviewing strangers online. Access a list of who we trust, while you make the final decisions on who to hire. 

14 Locations


From coast to coast, our 14 locations serve the event industry's busiest markets. So while your traveling, have confidence that your staff will be ready. 

Hassle Free

By connecting you directly with local helpers, you’re in control. Whether you have last minute changes, or want to double check your dates, you have all the information you need to contact your helpers. Their punctuality, friendly attitude and work ethic will make your event easier than you thought possible.

Join the 85+ Companies who use our staff list to find on-going demo reps, convention help and experiential marketing events!

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How does it work?



Look through our Minyawns list and reach out to the individual who you would like to hire. Contact them directly and negotiate a price. In this Win-Win scenario brand ambassadors and companies connect without the agency overhead. 

Get your Minyawn


Look over their profile, watch a 15 second introductory video, and reach out to those you want to hire directly. If you like them, feel free to add them into your contacts for future events. Check their payment methods and use one that works for you.

Enjoy Success

After the event, give them a review and let us know how they did. Over 85+ Companies have used our platforms to reach out to new marketplaces they weren’t able to access before. With Minyawns, you now have reliable brand ambassadors no matter what city you are in.

Not sure if your company is ready for promotional marketing? Talk to us for a free consultation! We've worked with tons of brands similar to yours so we can help!