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How does it work?

Hire Minyawns for your next conference, trade show, festival or event. We match individuals to mid-size business with enthusiastic event staff, hand-selected to help you make lasting brand impressions.

1 Submit the Details

Give us the details on when you need the extra help, and the company message you want them to know.

2 Let us do the screening

We will prevet your candidates and have them arrive at your booth location on time and ready to work. (We will give their contact information 48 Hours ahead of time in case you want extra assurance)

3 Have a successful Event.

Make this most productive event you've ever been a part of and convert strangers into customers!


Save Money

Instead of flying your entire team and paying for Hotels, let us do some of your work for you. Our helpers will have your business memorized and ready to help.

Increase Exposure and Sales

Trade shows is all about visability and what better way to find potential clients!

Focus on Whats Important

Having our Helpers do things such as registration, collecting information, and even cuting up samples will allow you to focus on making important business connections

Meet the 500 Minyawns

The minyawns are thoroughly vetted University of Washington students.

Just some of our many Clients that have used Minyawns to find Reliable Workers